Wipro had to carefully and tactfully replace a Regional Head for Risk and Compliance for UK&I who had resigned. They had tried to fill the role themselves within the 3 months, but were down to 8 weeks, with no candidates in play.

We found a candidate who had the perfect level of experience, but was happily employed within a top tier Consulting firm and had been for 15 years. He had little desire to move.


Disruptive was asked to find a candidate that could not only start at the level to cover a single region, but would then be happy and capable to quickly expand the region for management. This was from the UK&I to EMEA. They could not find anyone and had 8 weeks to onboard.


We worked closely with the Talent Manager tasked with finding the replacement.
Highly detailed spec and regular cadence calls to keep traction. No meetings with the hiring manager were required as the talent manager and the Disruptive Client Partner work efficiently together with a strong understanding of the account.


Disruptive successfully found a candidate who was directly well connected through their network with the internal hiring managers at Wipro. His skills, experience and cultural fit perfectly matched the role. His length of service and achievements meant that he would be able to quickly take over the wider regional role for Europe.

Next Steps

Disruptive stayed close to the candidate and communications were regular and detailed. Once he started, the candidate was engaged with regularly to make sure his first days and weeks were successful. Longer term communications are planned and will be executed over the first 100 days and 6 months of settling in.

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