Aileen Garven
Chief Operations Officer

Chief Operations Officer at Disruptive Hiring

Aileen Garven is a seasoned professional who brings a unique blend of skills and experience to her role as the Chief Operations Officer at Disruptive Hiring. With a career spanning 15 years in military service, followed by strategic roles in corporate and compliance management, Aileen possesses three remarkable superpowers that set her apart in talent acquisition and leadership development.


Superpower 1: Operational Excellence through People, Process, and Technology

Aileen’s ability to achieve operational excellence is her first superpower. Her experience in the military has equipped her with a deep understanding of the intricate interplay between people, processes, and technology. In the military, she honed her skills in intelligence analysis, logistics, and training and development, making her adept at optimizing operations for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Aileen’s unique expertise in aligning these critical elements has proven invaluable in creating and implementing recruitment strategies that revolutionize how businesses attract, hire, and retain top talent.


Superpower 2: Leadership Headhunting

Aileen’s second superpower lies in her exceptional ability to identify and attract top leadership talent. Drawing on her military background, she understands the value of leadership in achieving success, and she excels at headhunting individuals who possess the vision, expertise, and charisma to lead organizations to new heights. Her discerning eye for leadership potential has made her an indispensable asset in the competitive world of executive search and talent acquisition.


Superpower 3: Executive Coach

Aileen’s third superpower is her talent for executive coaching. Her experience in the military and her subsequent corporate roles have given her a deep understanding of leadership challenges, and she has a knack for helping individuals reach their full potential. Aileen has transformed struggling executives into effective leaders by providing personalised guidance and mentorship. Her executive coaching abilities make her an invaluable resource for developing leaders within Disruptive Hiring and the organizations they serve.

A remarkable career trajectory has marked Aileen’s journey to Disruptive Hiring. After her honourable military service, she seamlessly transitioned into corporate roles in commercial and compliance management, gaining valuable experience that has enriched her problem-solving abilities and strategic thinking. Her transition to Disruptive Hiring is a testament to her commitment to pioneering new and innovative approaches to talent acquisition and leadership development.

As the Chief Operations Officer at Disruptive Hiring, Aileen Garven is the driving force behind the company’s success. With her superpowers in operational excellence, leadership

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