Donna Matthews
Office Manager

Donna Matthews is the invaluable Office Manager at Disruptive, a role she has undertaken with unwavering dedication since January 2021. Donna’s journey with Disruptive began with a desire to be part of a company known for its sterling reputation and unwavering commitment to its values.

At the heart of her decision to join Disruptive was the company’s outstanding reputation. Recognized for its exceptional values, Disruptive stands as a beacon of integrity and professionalism in the world of talent placement. Donna was drawn to a team of like-minded professionals, each driven by a strong work ethic and a shared passion for finding the perfect fit between candidates and roles. Unlike other firms that prioritize quantity over quality, Disruptive’s team places a premium on nurturing lasting relationships with both clients and candidates, forging the path to enduring and successful partnerships. Donna also valued the emphasis on employee growth, with a supportive environment that encourages individuals to reach their full potential, all while maintaining a healthy work/life balance.

Donna Matthews brings a wealth of experience to her role as Office Manager, primarily in the field of administration. Her impressive 13-year tenure in London, where she served two distinguished blue-chip companies, speaks volumes about her expertise and competence. Throughout her career, Donna has taken on diverse roles, including Executive PA, Office Manager, and HR professional. Her multifaceted background has equipped her with the versatility and skills needed to manage the daily operations of Disruptive.

In her current capacity, Donna plays a pivotal role in overseeing various facets of the company’s operations, ranging from finance and accounting to IT and administrative functions. Her responsibilities extend to coordinating events and providing invaluable support to candidates during the onboarding and integration process. Donna’s commitment to excellence and her unwavering attention to detail make her an indispensable asset to Disruptive.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Donna Matthews is a woman of diverse interests. Outside of work, she enjoys the simple pleasures of life, such as socializing with family and friends, exploring new destinations through travel, indulging in her culinary talents through cooking, savoring delectable cuisine at restaurants, and immersing herself in the world of theatre.

Donna’s motivation stems from her passion for contributing to efficiency, nurturing relationships, and helping others succeed. She finds fulfillment in creating a positive work environment where individuals can thrive, and she derives a deep sense of accomplishment from these endeavors.

In her role as Office Manager at Disruptive, Donna Matthews exemplifies the company’s commitment to excellence, integrity, and building lasting relationships. Her impressive background and unwavering dedication make her a driving force behind Disruptive’s continued success.

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