We started working with McKinsey in October 2021 and it was vital for us to get off to a positive start by making an early placement and build a solid relationship with the Talent Acquisition team.


McKinsey were a brand new client so it took time to understand their exact needs and processes for their requirements.


Initially we scheduled weekly calls with members of McKinsey’s talent team to discuss candidates in the process and where we were going right and wrong. This was vital as it allowed us to understand exactly what we needed to search for and it helped solidify our relationship with the team.


We managed to place a candidate after only 2 months of working together which is a really positive result considering the interview process takes up to 6 weeks.

Next Steps

This placement helped prove our capabilities and opened up other requirements with McKinsey and improved our relationship going forward as they were impressed which what we achieved.

Team members Running this Case Study
Susan Samminga
HR / Research Consultant / Talent Acquisition Specialist
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