Join Disruptive Search & Selection
Be part of the team who are addressing the gender imbalance in the tech leadership space
The Disruptive Culture
Join a progression-oriented company that prioritises constant development, and help us lead the charge to right the inequalities of the tech sector.
The Disruptive Difference
Wholly women-owned
Gender diverse
Executive coaching for
all female leaders
The Disruptive Difference
Remote company with flexible working balance.
Our company provides a remote work environment with a flexible work-life balance, allowing employees to work from anywhere and achieve a healthy work-life balance.
Training and professional development
We prioritise employee growth and development by offering ongoing training and professional development opportunities, allowing employees to enhance their skills and advance their careers.
Entrepreneurial Environment with a real commitment to gender diversity hiring.
Our company has an entrepreneurial environment with a strong commitment to gender diversity hiring, fostering innovation and inclusivity for all employees.
Being pretty big on mentorship
We value mentorship and encourage a supportive learning environment, providing mentorship opportunities to help employees grow and succeed in their roles.
What Our Team Says

“Joining Disruptive Executive Hiring has been by far the best career choice I’ve ever made. The support they have given me both professionally and personally has been fantastic and something that I have never experienced before. I’m so proud to work here and their attitude towards clients and candidates has been an eye opener for me. I look forward to developing my career further with Disruptive and working here for many years to come.”

- Bill Hageman

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