Episode 19 | Creating Successful Growth in Tech

The tech sector is a lucrative area for anybody who is building a career. Whether you are looking to

Episode 18 | Using AI in Tech Recruitment 

AI exploded into the cultural zeitgeist with the release of Chat GPT just over a year ago. Since

Beyond Labels Episode 5 | LGBTQ+ Experiences in the Tech Space 

The LGBTQ+ community makes up a rich and diverse portion of the talent pool. On Episode 5 of the

Beyond Labels Episode 4 | Attracting Next Generation Talent 

On the Beyond Labels miniseries we discussed a range of diversity topics. In episode 4 we were

Beyond Labels Episode 3 | Working With ADHD

During the Beyond Labels miniseries we’ve been exploring a range of diverse identities and

Beyond Labels Episode 2 | Creating Neuro-Inclusive Cultures 

On the Beyond Labels miniseries we highlighted a range of social issues, from gender equality to

Beyond Labels Episode 1 | Managing Gen Z Talent 

The Beyond Labels miniseries helps shed a light on diverse talent within the workforce. We looked at

Episode 17 | Promoting Inclusion in FinTech

Diversity and inclusion is a prominent issue in the tech industry. It’s also one that we’re

Episode 16 | The Future of Tech Talent 

As the tech industry evolves so does the talent within it. On Episode 16 of The Disruptive Mindset

Episode 15 | Women in Tech Leadership

On Episode 15 of The Disruptive Mindset Podcast we had the pleasure of speaking with Denise Garth,

Episode 14 | Inside African FinTech Start-Ups

We believe that technology has the potential to unite people. On Episode 14 of The Disruptive

Episode 13 | Promoting Women in Business

Here at Disruptive Hiring we consistently champion female leaders in the tech space. On Episode 13

Episode 12 | The Dangers of Using Chat GPT in FinTech

Chat GPT has taken the world by storm in recent months. In Episode 12 of The Disruptive Mindset

Episode 10 | Creating a Holistic People Function

Disruptive Mindset Ep 10 Blog – Creating a Holistic People Function  On Episode 10 of The

Episode 9 | Leading with a Creative Mindset

Embodying leadership roles can be a challenge. When it comes to inspiring your team to think outside

Episode 8 | Growing Companies Through Positive Mindsets

TA and HR are both intrinsically people-based roles. On Episode 8 of the Disruptive Mindset Podcast

Episode 7 | Automating Your Recruitment Process

On Episode 7 of The Disruptive Mindset Podcast we spoke to Shuchita Shukla about automating talent

Episode 6 | The Future of Recruitment

On Episode 6 of The Disruptive Mindset Podcast we sat down with Jayde Tipper, the CPO at Temenos, to

Episode 5 | Why is Financial Literacy So Important?

Here at Disruptive Hiring we love learning from the people in our community. On The Disruptive

Episode 4 | Success and Succession in the FinTech Industry
Episode 3 | The Impact of Current Affairs on the FinTech Space

On Episode 3 of The Disruptive Mindset Podcast we had the pleasure of sitting down with Panagiotis

Episode 2 | How NFTs are Disrupting the Finance Industry

On Episode 2 of The Disruptive Mindset Podcast, we welcomed the legendary Gary Harrison to the show

Episode 1 | Disrupting Conventional Ideas of Success – An Interview with John Gaunt

Our brand new podcast started with a bang! The Disruptive Mindset Podcast is hosted by

Ear we go again – exploring confirmation bias with the ‘four ears’ model

Ever wanted to rewind a conversation and start again? That sinking feeling of wishing you had said

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