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Reshaping the future of the tech industry

Disruptive is driven by a desire to address issues such as gender inequality within the tech sector. Doing this at a leadership level allows us to promote a diverse and inclusive future for everybody. As trailblazers in executive recruitment, we are dedicated to breaking down barriers, levelling the playing field, and driving positive change.

We achieve this by offering life-changing coaching that enables individuals to live up to their potential at a global scale. We also use data and insights to inform and guide our clients, empowering them to create their own positive changes as they move forwards in their hiring process.

We are achieving our mission of reshaping the future of business relationships, one upskilled team member, one coaching conversation, and one transformative partnership at a time.

Our Values
Find out why we’re different
For us, Disruptive isn’t just a name. We believe in embracing innovation and driving meaningful change. We don’t break things, we just make them better.
Open communication is the foundation of our culture. Even if it leads to tough conversations, we believe that transparency leads to constructive feedback and growth.
We’re experts in our field, but we believe there’s always more to learn. We’re committed to sharing that knowledge with you and listening (and learning) when you know more.
A crucial aspect of maintaining effective and ethical operations is by being accountable to our business, our clients and our candidates. We hold ourselves to the highest professional standard.
Disruptive is built on a partnership model where we nurture key relationships. We create balanced and collaborative environments where everyone can thrive.
Partner with Pride
Always working to ensure a balanced and collaborative environment is nurtured.
The Disruptive Team
Our group of passionate professionals are ready to go above and beyond to meet your hiring needs.
Emma Jones
CEO & Founder, Executive Search Specialist IT Services, Consulting and Private Equity
Shailaja Bhamidipati
Head of Research
Aileen Garven
Chief Operations Officer
Bill Hageman
Head of Cloud & DevOps
Anna Burman
Head of SI’s & Consulting
Andrew Watson
Principal Consultant
Donna Matthews
Office Manager
Susan Samminga
HR / Research Consultant / Talent Acquisition Specialist
Eunice Eduri
Executive Researcher
Leena Gupta
HR Professional and Business Analyst

Disruptive Superpowers

Our superpowers are a combination of executive search, leadership coaching and data-driven insights that elevate our recruitment solutions. The three Disruptive Superpowers support your employer brand perception and thought leadership, putting you at the forefront of tech hiring. Led by a former global hiring lead, Disruptive understands what it takes to be successful in your sector.

Executive Search
Discover purpose driven executive search solutions to fill key gaps in your management team
Executive Coaching
Learn about the impacts of integration coaching and how it benefits your business
Data & Reports
Uncover the obstacles in your hiring process with inside data and insights

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