New MD for EMEA in place with a remit to take the business to the next stage of growth from $1.2bn to over $2bn. Our client needed to re-evaluate the existing leadership capability and assess the talent acquisition requirements to realise the business’ ambitious growth plan. The client had a great back story, having grown successfully to this point with an in-house team and a highly respected delivery capability offshored in India. 

The Talent Acquisition strategy had, despite their steady growth, been rather adhoc. Using multiple external agencies to fill demand, the client now wanted to work with key partners to build capability in advance opposed to just reaching out to any takers to help cope with spikes in demand.

Phase One

Disruptive Hiring was consulted originally as part of the multiple agency, adhoc approach on a number of leadership positions in the UK. We used this engagement to showcase what we could deliver and used these to leverage further conversations. Despite being up against other agencies in our race against time to find the right hire, we kept strictly to the basics of what we firmly believe are, the foundations for success in talent acquisition. We did our research into the client, their business, their competition. Our market mapping exercise delivered the MI to support meaningful conversations with key stakeholders and provided feedback to stakeholders on the prospects of a successful hire on the terms shared. Further information was supplied to the client in relation to candidate salary expectations and market perception of the brand. 

Not being drawn into the recruitment rat race combined with an impressive level of due diligence, it paid dividends leading to several successful hires.

Phase Two

Having proved our framework for success works, we were further engaged with the client, this time on a number of retained, exclusive roles across EMEA. As a company we understand that a large part of your branding proposition can be achieved through your recruitment process, onboarding and integration. With that in mind, we set out creating a marketing recruitment ebrochure with the intention to provide every potential candidate the background on our client, their active markets, the specialties, the deals, the accolades and a highly detailed job description. The final document when distributed had all the necessary information to attract even the most passive of candidates and got them to the point of being more than just curious. 

Importantly our consultants were provided with further data from a range of highly respectable sources so that their market knowledge was unquestionably superior. This then had the additional benefit of having meaningful conversations and supporting MI that truly supported the expectations of the inhouse team and hiring managers. Inhouse teams benefitted from submissions of the highest quality and a service that was an extension of the work they do; stakeholders experienced higher levels of control and they were furnished with a range of evaluation tools that allowed them to understand candidate motivators and behaviours. In addition to this, executive level roles were engaged internally with a thorough onboarding program and externally from access to the Disruptive Executive Hiring Illuminate Program. As an end to end service, this ensured that our client’s pain points were massively reduced and they could genuinely see the value of having a trusted and exclusive partner.

Phase Three

Having enjoyed the earlier successes of the previous two phases, the client felt safe to explore new avenues and ways of working with Disruptive as their partner. The client wanted to develop niche areas of the business i.e. their cloud capability and build dedicated cloud business.  Utilising the proven processes, a volume of roles have been released to Disruptive Hiring which we continue to fill successfully.

The Results Thus Far

Quality of hire – Improved.

Relationship with the client – Improved

Future opportunities for working – Improved

Volatility of Recruitment Requirement – Reduced

Trusted Adviser Status – Achieved

Candidate Experience – Improved


The results speak for themselves. If you would like to hear more about the Disruptive Executive Hiring then please feel free to reach out to us at info@disruptivehiring.com

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